martes, 24 de marzo de 2009

FanZone - Liverpool 5-0 A.Villa

¿Ha nacido la canción de Riera?

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I.I.M. dijo...


Jorge-George Olmos dijo...

Que bueno
Eso si con mi ingles he pillado 4 cosas joder como me tengo que poner las pilas,jajaja
Gracias por ponerlo Tgdor

juan dijo...

No entiendo porqué siempre tenemos al mismo tipo en la fanzone (o al menos, se parece mucho al que sacó la peluca de rizos y el bigotito el día del ManU) y porqué cuando marcamos se tiene que dirigir al aficionado rival.

Me parece que ese no es el estilo.

AD dijo...

Rieraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh oh oh, Rieraaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (8)

Amo los Fanzones!

Luis JFT96 dijo...

Es el mismo seguro. El tío se pone a gritarle los goles a medio centímetro de su cabeza, no tiene mucho sentido la verdad.

Siento desilusionaros pero esa canción es la de Fabregas oh, oh, y nosotros, afortunadamente, no copiamos canciones a otros equipos, al menos ingleses.

¿llama a kuyt, kuytdinho (óigase cautdiño)?

Me parece más gracioso el momento móvil del villano.

Luis JFT96 dijo...

Además viste como Juan cuando juega al fútbol, jajaja, es un delincuente, sin duda.

tgdor_ dijo...

No deja de ser la actuación de un personaje delante de las cámaras montando un circo...
A mi simplemente me hace gracia, pero ni yo iría a éso , ni mi comportamiento se parecería a ése.
Es divertido...

PD: Puede que diga... KUYtDINHO!!! jajajaja. a mi también me lo parecía...

Anónimo dijo...

¿Que tal vuestro inglés? Entrevista de Stuart Hall, comentarista de fútbol y 'It's A Knockout'

It was 1977 and Liverpool had reached their first European Cup Final. I was working for the BBC and had this idea of filming the mass Liverpudlian exodus to Rome. In his own words Bob thought it 'was a bloody good idea'. I then expanded and explained how the BBC was forking out £3,000 worth of expenditure on the project and in returnit would be good if we could film in the dressing room. 'There's no problem with that,' was his reply.

Can you imagine that today? This was the biggest match in this man's career and he was allowing Stuart Hall, with a camera crew, into the dressing room!

I also obtained Peter Robinson's permission but my only problem now was the Italian FA, who refused me entry into the stadium. 'Just leave it to me,' said Bob. 'Kevin Keegan can carry the camera's, Emlyn Hughes the lights and Phil Neal whatever else. You put on a tracksuit and wear the number 14 shirt underneath.'

So off we went on the team coach to the Olympic Stadium and into the marble floored dressing room. It was not long though before the Italian officials began to smell a rat and so to put them off the scent Bob ordered me to take a walk around the pitch with the rest of the players and wave to the fans!

When we returned the dressing room kick-off was drawing ever closer and you could start to feel the tension in the air. All the lads were going round stamping their feet and geeing each other up but there was no shouting from Bob. He just shuffled around having a few quiet words with certain players.

When the time arrived for the team to walk out I followed them in single file out of the tunnel and onto the pitch. I then took my place alongside Bob, Ronnie Moran and the Liverpool subs on the bench, having to pinch myself that this was really happening.

Watching such a momentous match as that from the touchline next to Bob was an unbelievable experience. Of course, Liverpool went on to win a fantastic game 3-1 and afterwards we did all our filming as the players celebrated. Just then, the head guy of Italian FA walked in and saw what was going on but knowing he was beaten quickly turned on his heels and went.

Once everyone had finally evaporated into the night and the players were back on the coach ready for the journey to the post-match banquet there was just myself, Bob Paisley, Ronnie Moran, Joe Fagan, Tom Saunders and Roy Evans sitting on these wooden skips. We were drinking warm Coca-Cola as opposed to champagne and Bob turned to me and said 'This is the second time I have conquered Rome, the first time was on a tank in 1943!' It was a really special moment and we all embraced

Este de Madrid

Luis JFT96 dijo...

Vaya documento, Este.